Rockband 42a

Rock, Folk & Blues aus Sachsen


Alle oder keiner / Rockin´ in the free world    (Young/Gundermann)
One meatball   (Russell) 
Mary Janes last dance    (Petty)
Apfeltraum   (Renft) 
Gras   (Gundermann) 
Swinging    (Petty)
I`m free    (Rolling Stones)
Master of desaster (Hiatt)
Morgen, Morgen   (Gundermann)
My way   (Russell)
Dust my broom    (James/ZZ-Top)
Lets work together    (Canned Heat)
Memphis Tennessee    (Thorogood)
Road to hell    (Rea)
Last Time    (Rolling Stones)
Brown sugar    (Rolling Stones)
Aloah hey    (Reichel)
Kling, klang   (Keimzeit)
The wanderer    (Status Quo)
Hanky Panky    (Jones)
Simple man   (Lynard Skynard)
Johnny B. Goode   (Berry)
Cadillac   (Renegades)
Cocaine   (Cale)
All over now  (Rolling Stones)
The passenger  (Pop)
Walls   (Petty)
I won´t back down    (Petty)
Knockin on heavens door    (Dylan)
Play with fire  (Rolling Stones)
Honky Tonk Woman  (Gundermann)
Ich kann mich nicht erinern (Gundermann)
Am besten Du gehst   (Reichel)
Nach Haus   (Gundermann)
2 nd waltz  (Schostakovich)
7. Samurei  (Gundermann)
Blues Power  (Gilbert)
Wo bleiben wir (Waits/Gundermann)
So far away (Dire Straits)
Come together  (Beatles/Gallagher)
Shakin the devils hand (Tognoni)
Ballad of a thin man (Dylan)
Helpless (Young)
Es ist zu spät  (Gundermann/Dylan)
My back pages (Dylan)
Green Manalishi  (Green)
Blind Willie McTell   (Dylan)
Boxcar  (Young)
All along the watchtower (Dylan/Hendrix)
Rock me, mama like a wagon wheel   (Dylan)
Far from home  (Young)
Kleiner Junge   (Gundermann)
Words between the lines of age   (Young)
Like a hurricane  (Young)
You´re a big girl now (Dylan)
Man in the long black coat   (Dylan)
Things have changed   (Dylan)
Mississippi   (Dylan)
Sweet home Chicago   (Johnson)
Streunende Hunde   (Gundermann)
Slow turning  (Hiatt)
Running down the dream  (Petty)
The red rooster  (Dixon)
Sweet home Alabama  (Lynard Skynard)
Put your lights on   (Santana/Everlast)
Walk of life   (Dire Straits)
Sultans of swing   (Dire Straits)
Into the great wide open   (Petty)
The open road   (Hiatt)
Irrenhaus (Keimzeit)
Ratten (Keimzeit)
Mein Ding (Lindenberg)
Blue on black (Shepard)
Learning to fly (Petty)
Es geht mir gut (Westernhagen)
Mary (Engerling; nach The wind cries Mary von Hendrix)
Whiskey in the jar (Thin Lizzy)
Black magic woman (Santana/Green)
Hit the Road Jack (Charles)
Sexy (Westernhagen)
Weil ich dich liebe (Westernhagen)
Blinder Passagier (Reiser)
Honky tonk woman (Rolling Stones)
Save tonight (Eagle Eye Cherry)
Handle with care (Travelling Wilburys)
Broken Bones (Kaleo)
Atlantic City (Spingsteen/Harper)
Baby please don´t go (Trad./Jon Lord)